Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Alleged & Paradoxical Tragedies En Route Due to the Various Effects of Anthropogenic C02 Broadly Classified as Global Climate Change

AAAahahahahaha. Ahem.

So I know an intelligent young woman who, for her own reasons, used to be pro-choice.

That is, until she went to a pro-choice rally.

I wonder if beginning to cite real Global Climate Change theorists will actually dissuade more people from this particular flavor of lunacy than well reasoned-arguments.

I especially enjoy looking at contradictory studies like those that show that Climate Change will cause more hurricanes (the orthodox position?) and those that show it will cause "fewer" hurricanes, a "reduced" amount of hurricanes, or that there simply isn't a link between Global Climate Change and hurricanes at all.

You can blame anything on Man now; not just Global Warming, but any Global Climate Change at all.

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