Monday, September 29, 2008

Browser Spots

On the radio people used to call in and do "shout-outs" to their friends who might be listening in. Now people do link spots or blog spots by linking out to a series of webpages, often on a given topic. Here is a short spotting of pages on the Browser Wars:

Chrome vs. FireFox (technical)
Chrome vs. Safari (technical)
FireFox vs. Safari (biased)
Why Safari Rocks Chrome (biased)
Benchmarks: FireFox is Faster Than Chrome
Benchmarks: Safari is Faster Than FireFox (suspect)
9 Things FireFox Should Steal From Safari (from 2007, but most still apply. Also, rated PG-13)
How to Get Safari's Best Features in FireFox (a bit old, but mostly still applicable. Also, rated PG-13)
Why IE Sucks (yes, an entire blog. Rated R, and very technical)

and yet,

Browser Statistics

...proof that humans are capable of irrationality.

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