Monday, September 15, 2008

I Am Currently Unaware of Any Respectable Study Supporting the Hypothesis That the Whole of Mainstream US Media is Significantly Biased But...

...leads are appreciated. Here you can read my qualm with the study I posted previously.


  1. i've been meaning to get this straightened out. you had "qualms" with the other study? i didn't see where you wrote them out anywhere, unless it is implicit in reading the abstract for that article.'re calling the earlier study not respectable? how come? i thought there style of measurement was interesting and informative. no? i do'nt know. maybe i'll go reread it.

  2. *their

    again, where do you take issue with the earlier study? unless this is a call for studies AGAIN the hypothesis that us media is sig. biased...dah ahdh.

  3. nevermind. nevermind. nevermind.


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