Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCain Ambushes Obama w/ Sharp-Shooting Search Engine Marketing

I said earlier that good Search Engine Optimization gets you nominated for President. But will good Search Engine Marketing get you elected for president?
Sen. John McCain is in some ways outsmarting Sen. Obama when it comes to Internet marketing. One example: As of Wednesday, a Google search for "Joe Biden" or even just "Biden" resulted in a prominently displayed ad labeled "Joe Biden on Obama" that links to Sen. McCain's site. There, a video begins playing that shows Sen. Biden criticizing Sen. Obama during the Democratic primaries...

In recent days, [McCain's team] has bought search ads tied to key terms such as "U.S. economy" and "housing crisis," which take visitors to Web sites outlining Sen. McCain's plan on those issues...

Barack Obama is running a Web-savvy presidential campaign, but John McCain's campaign has managed to outpace the Democratic contender in a few key areas.

Meanwhile, the Obama camp largely has yet to advertise around these terms, missing a key opportunity, according to experts, to communicate his message to undecided voters.

"The big downfall is that Obama's not reaching the undecided voters," says...

(Wall Street Journal, Aug. 28, 2008)

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