Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sweet New Way to Find Out About Concerts

I am lazy. I do not want to go searching for information about concerts. I would rather someone look through my music library and let me know when any of the artists I listen to are playing in my area. Enter iConcetCal and bam it's done. I download & install a free plugin for iTunes (two steps) and all I have to do now is pick iConcertCal as the visualizer (one button) and now, whenever I want concert information, all I have to do is turn on the visualizer (one button) whenever I want concert information. It's free and hey - it even syncs with iCal, so I don't even have to go outside of my normal workflow to be served with geographically and preferentially relevant concert information.

And thanks to iCal events, whenever I bring up my Dashboard I will receive the same information, since I don't always open up iCal to get a glance at my schedule.

You're welcome.

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