Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grappling with the Temptation to Withdraw

Often I find myself in contexts that conjure in me a desire to withdraw. Typically I want to withdraw from situations in which I have a more advanced understanding of a concept than everyone else around me. The thought of bringing others around me up to speed is so daunting that I give up before I seriously consider it.

These situations are also often textured with culturally defined roles. It is not always appropriate for me to take the lead. I find myself ill-equipped with the necessary cultural information and/or interpersonal skills to know what my goal should be in these situations and/or how to achieve such a goal. I also recognize that the particulars of each situation may be relevant to these things as well.

I have only recently realized that I must fight this desire in 99% of cases. It is almost always the case that I can and should participate without either withdrawing or dominating. I must learn to be a follower, a member, a participant, a contributor. The role of submission is just as important and valuable as the role of leader.

God the Father is glorified by God the Son, especially so by His submission, and even unto death.

Sometimes taking a task over robs another of a growing/learning experience. Catching a man a fish... well, you know the story.

I should seek to meet every man exactly where he is and play my proper role in elevating him even a little bit in wisdom.

And where it's my place to grow, God, let me grow with all humility.

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