Monday, June 9, 2008

How to get backlinks from itself.

I was analyzing some of my backlinks, and got excited when I found that I had one from none other than itself! I thought about how I could duplicate and elaborate on the original strategy I used to get into Google Trends (I mean hey, has got to have some high TrustRank in Google's own algo's right?). But alas, once I took a closer look at it, I saw that it wasn't from google.COM, but! I can only assume given the context that .nf is an entire domain that Google uses to host pages as "nofollow," in other words "useless for SEO." Sucks dude.

UPDATE: If you go to you can see that this is not a "nofollow" domain, but a localization of Google Search for the Norfolk Island! Why does my backlink analyzer pick up this link but not the equivalent that I dug up? I am not sure yet, but I would prefer my backlink be weighted than my software be exhaustive.

Not that I've even really worked for any backlinks, but hey - I would like to know about the ones I get for free.


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