Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama is it!

I guess Obama is the Democratic nominee.  As a commemorative note, I would just like to tell the world that I do not care if his middle name is Hussein.  I don't care if his grandma is a Muslim - I wouldn't even care if he were a Muslim.  No quantity of email forwards will make me care about Obama's middle name.


  1. I was gonna say Hussein rhymes with insane, but then again, so does Mccain.

    But i heard he eats puppies.

  2. Ron Paul would never eat a puppy.

  3. Yeah, but he's got the same initials as Ross Perot, and even less chance of winning.

  4. I concur. He is, however, a hypocritical bigot and wants to turn us all, one by one, upsided down to empty our pockets of even one drop of loose change.
    you do the math.

  5. Somebody get that girl away from Rush Limbaugh, stat!


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