Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Bible literally says "Jesus is not God"

There just happen to be other words in between:


  1. Oh my goodness. ok, I have no problem with you pointing out the fact that Jesus and God are different names but when you took some words from those verses out of context I had to stop watching. You can make the bible say anything if you do that. You could make the bible contradict EVERYTHING it says by doing that. those two verses you quoted say something completely different than what you made it say. The bible is not one huge subliminal messages. You could basically make the bible say that worshipping the devil is right if you take words here and there in one book of the bible. All I can say now is that I hope that the holy spirit opens your eyes, heart, and mind to the real truth because in the same gospel of John, 10:30, Jesus says "I and My Father are one".

  2. Hi Daydream,

    Thanks so much for the comment. I really do appreciate it.

    To be honest I am not sure how to get the following across without sounding rude, so please forgive me. I want to be clear up front that I value your comment and I admire your passion for the truth, that Jesus is God and the Bible is His word, and that it should be interpreted carefully.

    But, aside from the fact that we probably shouldn't make it a practice to confound the beliefs of the subject of a posted YouTube video with those of the poster, you seem to have overlooked my attempt at irony with the statement "[there] just happen to be other words in between" (with reference to the words "Jesus is not God").

    I am just the tiniest bit insulted that you might think I could be so stupid as to except such horrific hermeneutical practices as veridical.

    And then there is the content of the video itself. To be fair, I originally thought this guy was serious too - for about 30 seconds. I thought maybe he was trying to get across a point like 'hey look the Bible talks about God, then it talks about Jesus - they can't both be God'. But after a bit if became clear to me that he was mocking poor exegetical practices, not employing them.

    And then, if one chances to miss his sarcasm but is charitable enough to patiently listen all the way to the end, one discovers an explicit written statement by the creator of the video that he is a Trinitarian Christian.

    In other words, thank you for your passion for the truth, and by the way we all agree here that Jesus is God, God raised Him from the dead, and whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

    To be clear (and longwinded, but hey, it's my blog) I am not expressing an endorsement of the use of such condescending sarcasm to communicate such a point as the kind Southern gentleman in the video is per se, I simply thought the video was worth propagating because it's pretty funny.

    Sorry for the miscommunication.

    In Christ,

  3. Why did you unlink Ben's blogs? Why do you hate my boyfriend and want him to die?

  4. He doesn't post regularly. When he starts I will relink to it.

  5. That's ridiculous. You have my blog linked and I haven't written in it in ages. In fact, I shut it down.

  6. *and by "except" I mean "accept"

  7. Corie, you're off the island.


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