Thursday, February 28, 2008

Overheard in Java: Part I

As I was walking back to my seat I overheard a curious snippet of conversation, tidily out of context:
...she just had her boobs casted...
Now it was startling at first, but upon reflection I have become simply compelled to seek out all the propositions this interesting snippet could possibly represent. I've hit some dead ends however, and I could really use your help.

I think it's clear that the keyword here is "cast". What could that mean, in the broadly logical sense? Did she make arrangements for her breasts to appear in a movie? Covered or uncovered? How could it be said of her then, that she "had" them cast? Did she not have to audition? Does she know someone on the inside - perhaps the director? Or did the director happen to notice such perfect breasts whilst standing in line for a churro at Silverwood? How would that conversation unfold?
Director: Hey, I see you have a set of perfect breasts, there.
Woman: Oh these old things?
Or perhaps she was a little more straightforward about it:
Oh yeah, I really lucked out in the boob department. I understand there is a shortage of perfect breasts in the world, so I have taken steps to prevent any damage coming to mine. Do you like them?
Or maybe they were thrown, like bait from a fishing pole. Is that possible? Are her breasts detachable somehow? Let's cut this line of thinking short right here.

No... I bet it was that a mold was made of them. Bronze? Did she get her boobs bronzed for posterity? Maybe she knows that perfect breasts are like really good parking spots: temporary. Maybe she wanted to remember them in her old age, or maybe she wanted her husband to have access to a physical representation of her glory days (which are apparently waning as this is being typed). Or maybe the cast was made of her boobs as a means of communicating to the surgeons just how her friend wants hers to look?

Did she break a bone in her chest requiring her torso to be stabilized in fiber glass? Maybe she is in traction. But what a strange way to communicate that?

Maybe - I got it - maybe the speaker meant "cast" like one would cast a vote! But what would that even mean?

Any theories?

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  1. Maybe she lost mobility in her arms and legs and has to vote with her breasts. Very common thing for women to struggle with.


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