Thursday, March 6, 2008

Good Morning!

This is where I live. The picture was taken by my beautiful and talented wife one dusk a few weeks ago. Today (in the fine tradition of the last 20 days or so, with the exception of like 3) is quite bright and sunny and clear and blue (by everyone's standards) and warm (about 20 degrees, but the forecast says it will reach about 50 DEGREES!).

It reminds me of this one time that I went for a bike ride and saw three deer at three different points during my trek. Last Monday night I saw two deer together bounding along on the sidewalk by my friend's mother's house. Skyler said those two deer always hang out in the yard of a corner lot across the street.

There is a lot of sunlight streaking into the room through the blinds and striking the breakfast table. I am glad to be alive.

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