Thursday, January 24, 2008

Word Order Now Matters in Google Searches

Word order used to be irrelevant in Google queries, but now when I search for "reverse mortgage san clemente", some site with the URL comes up #1 for both the local business listings, and the organic web results. But if I search "san clemente reverse mortgage", that one reverse mortgage site comes up #3 in the organic web results (and #1 for the local business results). This could be the result of an attempt on Google's part to increase the relevance of their results, given that word order matters in English semantics. Or it could be Google's attempt at curbing spam, by ranking sites whose incoming links express some variety in word order.


  1. English matters order semantics in word?

  2. hahaha! Oh by the way Amanda, I didn't realize you posted that one blog before your accident - so that might explain why my comment may have sounded weird in that context... How are your and Aaron's necks?

  3. Our necks have been better. However, one of my friends at work is lending us this massage chair thing, so things should improve.


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