Saturday, January 26, 2008

What hurts your feelings, that you are afraid to admit?

For me, it hurts my feelings when people mock Evangelical Christianity. When I type it out it sounds so... hypocritical. Sometimes I poke fun at some of the cheesy, disingenuous, syncretistic, chauvinistic, or otherwise a-Biblical practices clung to by many within my religious tradition. But for some ineffable reason, the context in which I do it, and the issues that I ridicule fit into a different category, or something... somehow it seems ok for me to do it. I don't know why. And sometimes other people can do it too, in certain circumstances - I can't explain it, which is probably why I NEVER speak up about it. I don't know. But there are times when other people mock Evangelical - or generally Protestant - practices or songs or culture, and it just gets to me. My feelings get genuinely hurt about it. Now you know one of my secrets.


  1. I find it hurtful when mainstream comedic entertainment, or my female friends poke fun at the cliche shortcomings that happen to apply to men in general. These may or may not be appropriate and true. More often, though, I find they apply to humanity, and our culture has applied them to men. American culture has done the same to women, of course, but since I'm a man, and I'm writing about what hurts my feelings (that I'm afraid to admit), I'll leave misogyny alone, and stick to misandry.

    When the context arises for such jokes, I'll sometimes find myself lashing out against women in the same childish way, out of my hurt. Or, I'll preemptively joke against men myself, to beat them to the chase... it seems to hurt less if I'm the one making the joke (no matter how little truth is in the statements made).

    Having been in a verbally abusive relationship with a woman who couldn't trust men, she succeeded at making me despise my own masculinity. It's been quite the struggle to get to a place of accepting that God made me who I am with a purpose, and that's a good thing. This sort of harsh joking seems to hurt me more than others because of my past issues with the matter.

    Now you all know one of my secrets as well...

  2. I never knew this about you. Thanks for sharing, Dave.


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