Thursday, January 24, 2008

I love those at Westboro Baptist, but I hate, I HATE, their sin.

I recently learned about Westboro Baptist Church's intent to picket Heath's funeral. I then discovered that they have been behind many such incidents, as well as the lovely and This is why I cringe to identify myself as a "Christian" (much less "Baptist"!). Nevertheless - I say "hey, go get your own name" to those at Westboro Baptist. These historical terms belong to those who affirm orthodoxy (e.g. "for God so loved the WORLD", "God IS LOVE", etc.) and have a passion to heal the sick, seek and save the lost, clothe the naked, visit those in prison, love orphans and widows, preach the good news, and not condemn or judge. So you hypocrites at Westboro Baptist, you who spread the lie that God hates, you who spread it in a pharisaical fashion repugnant to God and myself, why don't you go get a name besides "Christian", or better yet, stop hating and alienating in favor of humble submission to God's word.

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