Monday, January 7, 2008

Settling Accounts

Laura I have your "Mind of the Maker" by Dorothy Sayers.
Steve I owe you a new copy of "Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell.
Corie I have your "On the Incarnation" by St. Athanasius.
Corie I also have our "Kalevala".
Daniel I have your "What St. Paul Really Said" by N. T. Wright.
Dad I have like most of your books, since you let me take them home from your office :). But I left the Old Testament books I was able to dig up at your house when I was down for Christmas.
Jon I gave you back your "Mr. Palomar" by Italo Calvino a long time ago.
Dane you still have my "Zero" by Charles Seif.
Laura you still have my "The Evidence for Christianity" by Josh McDowell.
Steve I think you gave me all my books back, except maybe "Out of Solitude" by Henri Nouwen, and perhaps "Playing With Fire" by Walt Russell, and did I let you borrow "Wasting Time With God" by Klaus Issler, too?
Zach you have my "Ministering Christ Cross Culturally" by Lingenfelter and Mayers.
Brooke you have my "Desiring God" by John Piper.

Am I borrowing anybody else's books?
Are any of my other books currently lent out?

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