Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nouns My Felicity For is Arguably Attributable to My Older Sister

Things I am pretty sure I liked or at least started to like or wanted to like because my sister did:
• Full House
• TGIF generally
• Nintendo (contrary to "public opinion" it was her who asked for it for Christmas initially, and she recruited me to petition our parents)
• Summer Camp
• King's Hawaiian Rolls
• Waterpolo
• Snowboarding
• The Mystical Magical Marvelous Things That Can Happen in Quick Sand (a game of imagination she made up)
• Rackinsmacker (see parenthetical note on above)
• Sizzler
• Shrimp
• L. A. Gear
• Lisa Frank (a short-lived interest)
• Barbies (see parenthetical note on above)
• All of her friends
• Most of my friends (it meant a lot whenever she pronounced one of my friends or love interests as clever, fun, or good-looking. Though I was already interested in my wife prior to it [can the referents of pronouns follow them, or do they have to proceed them?], I remember everything about when Jenny pronounced her a "hot chick" a few days after they met at Norm's [too bad that place had to shut their doors - nobody's safe in this economy] one late night for french fries and studying.)
• Defiance
• Sarcasm
• Other


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