Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Peace Sign is Not a Broken Cross

I grew up believing that the peace sign was a Christian cross, whose arms had been broken upward, and whose entirety had been turned upside down; that it was anti-Christ.

On its 50th anniversary, the Spokesman Review syndicated a Washington Post piece on its origin. Nothing is said of any anti-Christian connotations, however its graphic designer is quoted as saying
I drew myself… a man in despair… put a circle around it to represent the world.
24 years (this Monday) of believing incorrectly about the motivations for the shape of a symbol whose intension is peace. Wikipedia elaborates and offers some supporting documentation For those interested.


  1. Mea Culpa. I had no idea. I guess we shouldn't believe everything we are told, should we?

    I was misinformed; HOWEVER, we raised a son who can investigate facts and ideas and think for himself!! Hooray!!!!


  2. Wait~-Corie Anastasia, where are you when I need you? I JUST TOOK WIKIPEDIA AS A RELIABLE SOURCE! AAUGH!

    My experience w/ Wikipedia has been that the author of any given article can and will leave out pertinent information if it suits them.

    Well, for now, w/ the above disclaimer, I will take the Wikipedia article at face value.

  3. gls,

    Thank you for all your comments, and I love you too! I hope nothing I write is ever interpreted as expressing any malcontent with my parents or my rearing. Rather you should know how much I miss you from Idaho, and how much I love you and appreciate everything you've done for me.

    Your experience with Wikipedia and tentative face-value receipt of this particular article are noted. One cool thing about Wikipedia is that many of its articles are extensively cited, and those citations may be looked up and evaluated.

    I think it's also important to note 1. that Wikipedia does not claim to be anything it's not, and 2. that Wikipedia actually has a very sophisticated editing system, which has resulted in a demonstrated error rate far less than that of Encyclopedia Britannica's with respect to science-related articles.

  4. What you have posted is on the same level as a wikipedia entry.

    Could you please provide sources for this information?

  5. My friend, it is quite strange you posted this discovery of yours. The other day (exactly one week from today) I flash of thought; and inquiry of the roots and meaning behind the peace symbol. I wanted to know not only why it began, but also clarity as to whether or not I had been right in perceiving it as many God-loving, God-fearing people had instilled in me.


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