Friday, November 9, 2007

How to Reform Education the Right-Wing Way

My father believes that right-wing methods are the best way to achieve what liberals say they want. In the case of tonight's issue I assert that right-wing methods are also the best way to achieve what conservatives say they want.

Conservatives say they want to improve the quality of education in America. To achieve this however, our conservative federal government has only further tampered with the system and created more problems than they solved.

I prefer the right-wing way. Instead of threading tax money through the offices in Washington DC, which only sends it back down to schools with strings attached, we should short-circuit the process by letting each state control its own education system. Why not let states and local representatives decide how best to use funds to increase their own community's academic achievement?

Exercise: Read the 10th amendment to the document literally constituting the United States of America. Then search for the word "education" in it.

But it's not just that the constitution reserves the power of education for the states and the people, it's that there is a good reason it does so.


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I agree with you. I am a teacher in Missouri and feel that the Federal government has gone too far with the No Child Left Behind Act. I work with children that have learning disabilities and they will NEVER meet the requirements set forth by this law.

  2. I think the federal governent should have little to do with the administration of education; that's clearly something the states should be doing, for practical reasons alone. But in terms of creating a standard for the content of the state's education, I think the federal government should have some say about what americans should be taught, for the simple reason that what is learned in what state should not deviate too much from what is taught in another. Education is the mother of culture, and in order to have a fundamentally homogenous culture in america, we need to have a standard education system.


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