Monday, October 22, 2007

Nasal and Aural Delight

The scent of Java's restroom is like some sort of citrus, but it is creamy, too - like a sharp orange cream or something. I get a whiff of it whenever someone goes in or out and swings the door open or closed. The scent itself is subtle, but it's pervasive, so that when I inhale I get a smooth, even stream of daydream-inspiring euphoria. It is genuinely elating.

And combined with the sounds of Dashboard's "The Rush" the experience puts me over the top. Climactic.

Oh wait - now I can smell some sort of comforting, softly spicy food being prepared off to my right. No joke: this is a really enjoyable time for me. Really.


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  1. You are out of control. If you're going to post things like this, you may want to change your settings such that children cannot find this blog.


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