Friday, October 26, 2007

Court-Sanctioned, Forceful Conversion of Catholic "Cultists"

According to this website, the "Boone County Cult Watch" is the
number 2 non-profit cult-watch service supporting the Mid-Missouri Area.
Fair enough. But what kind of cults are they watching for? The site lists three: Devotants of Mahlegeth (the link to whose information page is blocked by my filter), Scientology, and Catholicism.

Catholicism? You might be thinking. Yep. On their page providing
knowledge and common sense
parents, educators, and clergy
in order to
help stop cults in their tracks!
they give a pretty decent summary of the history of the major branches of Christianity, and a basic summary of Roman Catholic distinctives.

But here's what got me. Guess what they do once they find a teen caught up in the "cult" of Catholicism?

There are five steps.

Extraction is the process of physically removing the "subject" from the cult environment. The group admits that
often... the brainwashing of the cult is too strong and the extraction process has to be confrontational and forcible.
But wait - isn't it illegal to kidnap a teen? Isn't religious freedom like, protected under the constitution? Apparently this extraction is carried out with the consent of the county...
the BCCW Deprogramming squad will legally obtain a detention warrant from the Boone County Municipal Court
But what if the Catholic teen resists? Don't worry, they've got that covered too:
"Armed Evangelicals" are liscened bondsmen who have the legal authority to carry both non-lethal and lethal enforcement aides to carry out the court-sanctioned detention warrant.
After they abduct the Catholic teen, the subject is escorted to the "compound", which
is legally registered as a mental health facility and the subject is legally bound to remain in treatment until we find him "emotionally fit for societal integration"
The treatment includes the following four steps.

In order to make it clear to the subject that their actions were wrong, the BCCW is
fully certified to use the following techniques: councilling, group therapy, peer therapy, meditation, hypnosis, drug therapy, shock therapy, therapeutic food/sleep deprivation, and regression therapy.
So they drug, hypnotize, shock, and deprive the subject of food and sleep until his or her "will is broken".

The subject is academically trained on how a "normal society should operate". Topics of study include American History and Spiritual Guidance.

The subject is then trained on how to "become an ideal citizen". They are given "more privacy", allowed to run small errands, and allowed to make friends with anyone the BCCW allows through their screening.

I will just cut and paste this part, since it really is unbelievable:
...once the subject has been re-educated and re-integratred into society we can then save their soul. We will not release anyone from our program until they complete all five stages. As a certified mental health facility Missouri state law ensures that no one leaves our care unless we release them as "mentally sound" or by a court ordered release.
In order to take action against this organization, I decided to investigate further. But they are difficult to track down.

Their website is hosted by GeoCities, so their domain registration information isn't helpful. They list no contact information other than a Yahoo email address, and a Google search for the NCDF, the national organization with whom the BCCW is registered, yielded no results. Neither did a search for the word "cult" on the NCF website.

They must be taking great efforts to fly below our radar.

I emailed Eunice, the "founder", asking for help, but haven't yet received a reply.

So I called the Boone County Municipal Circuit Clerk, who gave me the number for the County Administrator (which is 815/547-4770, by the way), who transferred me to the Sheriff. Nobody admitted any connection to the BCCW.

The question now: what to do about it? I need your help!


  1. I just finished reading 1984, by George Orwell. The actions taken by the BCCW sound strangely similar to the actions taken by the Party. Phenomenal.

  2. i think it would be quite diverting to attempt the disestablishment of such an organization. how did you find out about these guys? and like...verify that they have taken action against teen cultists?

  3. How did I "verify that [the BCCW] have taken action against teen cultists?" I haven't. I don't think it's a real organization. I think someone put up the website as a joke. I found a link to it in a comment on one of Creed's blog posts.

    Also I don't think Roman Catholicism is usually practiced as a cult. I'm pretty sure Scientology is though. Never heard of Mahlegeth (wait - is that Johann's band's name?).

    If the "BCCW" wanted to fly below the radar, they wouldn't have posted a website. If they wanted to post a website for the purpose of letting families, educators, and clergy know about them, why wouldn't they post real contact information and respond promptly when emailed for help?

    If they really had county approval, why wouldn't anyone at the county know about them, especially to redirect the call of someone asking for their help?

    If they really abducted and abused Catholic teens as they describe on their website, surely there would be a couple anti-BCCW websites out there. I couldn't find any.

    If they were willing to mention there national organization, why wouldn't it have a website?

    If there were such an organization, why wouldn't there be even one conspiracy theorist's website identifying and condemning it?

  4. When I saw the picture of Tom Cruise w/ the caption "L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology" I figured the website was a joke. It had me going there for awhile, tho.

  5. shock therapy? what, is this 1962? i'm pretty sure shock therapy isn't used anymore.

  6. But seriously, on a related note, I was on your mom's computer and I saw that she had this website open and this was before I saw your blog on it. I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty freaked out. I wondered if Gayla and Tori were trying to tell me something about my Orthodoxy. It was pretty awkward.

  7. WOw. I made this site as a joke about 2 years ago. It was to support an art project for the Midwest Regional Burning Man group. We made a giant puppet, and I put together a joke website.

    As a catholic myself, I promise I am not kidnapping catholics and forcibly converting them.

  8. I sense mis-direction here. I have heard of some weird things in the Columbia Area....especially once you get outside the city

  9. I have heard credible tales of vampires roaming the streets as well. Is it possible to exorcise an entire county? If so, I'd highly recommend it!

  10. OMGosh - I totally needed a good laugh today and I got it. There are tears running down my cheeks. WOW

  11. As a former Catholic, I am so thankful for the reprogramming I received from BCCW. My life has turned completely around since I left the cult. Yes, it was painful, it took 8 months for me to come to my senses, but I did, and I am thankful every day for what Eunice and the family did for me. Love and peace to all.

  12. Anastasia:
    Electroshock Therapy is a proven, successful method of treatment. The Church has been trying to suppress that information for decades. Historically, they wanted victims of mental disease to put their faith in the Church, not science. But when the Pope found out that it was effective in treating Catholicism, their anti-science PR teams went on the attack.

  13. Ella Bell, you are NOT to speak about the treatment you received. It did NOT happen, and the BCCW is only a rumor, remember?

    שלמה, דמות מקראית, בנו של דוד והאחרון במלכי ממלכת ישראל המאוחדת. קורותיו מסופרות בספר מלכים. הוא בנה את בית המקדש הראשון בירושלים, ובימיו הגיעה ממלכת ישראל המאוחדת לשיאה.

  14. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!



    .The site is just joke ,now look away ,is no matter any more ,go away ,no look here

  16. It's real!!! Dojn't listen to them.

    there is more out there. its just cinfusing me.


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