Friday, July 10, 2009

The 'New' Biblical Theologians and Textual Critics

New Atheist-y arguments from Biblical difficulties such as apparent contradictions and seemingly evil actions of, or commandments from, God tell me two things.

1. The New Atheists must see Christianity as one of the bigger and more plausible threats to their position against the existence of any God.
2. There is a place for New Biblical Theologians and New Textual Critics (not just New Analytic Philosophers of Religion).

If Christianity is the most plausible theistic religion to the New Atheists, why not make it even more so by demonstrating the veracity and coherence of our holy book and the benevolence of our God in it's narrative? This will take good textual critics and philosophers who are extremely well acquainted with the scriptural narrative and how to properly exegete its meaning.

But what could make these Critics and Theologians "New", like the resident "Four Horsemen"?

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