Monday, March 23, 2009

Oi! Show me the freak!

How do you pay for welfare for the lower class, tax cuts for the middle class, and multiple big corporate (and abortion industry) bailouts? With a $1.4 trillion tax increase, which, aside from being astronomically greater than a "big" increase, still won't be enough to balance the budget, leaving Americans with a possible $9.3 trillion in deficits.

How much is just one trillion? Well, if you lived out 80 full years, spending $100 for every second of your life, including your infancy, you would still have spent less than a third of your money. You need to spend $396 per second for 80 years.

Let's say though, you inherited your funds on your 18 birthday. You would have to spend $511 for every second of your life.

In the average time you'd spend watching a single movie, you would have to spend over $3.6 million dollars.

Still need perspective? This might help.

Don't worry though, despite heavy domestic criticism, communist China will continue to lend to (pay installments on?) America.

Doesn't it seem sort of weird though, that our government can't get enough Americans to fund their expenditures, either through voluntary things like bonds or through mandatory things like taxes, so they get another national government to do so by selling them pieces of America itself?

The Republican party is no better. Think about it: Republican-controlled America borrowed from rival power communist China to militarily enforce "democracy" in Iraq.


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  2. I just want to clarify that the article about the so called "abortion bailout" is, uh, missing some information. Just fyi.


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