Monday, December 22, 2008

Home for the Holidays

Do you know what "Due Diligence" is? Its broadest meaning is something like "evaluating the merits of an investment".

Anyway I have done some of my own Diligence on a charitable endeavor by my community of faith, Thryve. The umbrella is called "The HOPE Project" - it is a non-profit dedicated to partnering with local projects that meet physical needs and preach the gospel.

One of The HOPE Project's projects is in a small war-torn country in East Africa called Burundi. Our friend Prosper comes out to Coeur d'Alene once in a while to speak at our gathering and at local schools. I have met him once. Awesome guy. Speaks like 5 languages. Very sweet guy. Dave emailed him recently, telling him all about our snow and he replied something like "Snow means it is cold. I do not like it." HAHA! Funny guy.

Anyway Thryve raised $40,000 a while back to build 40 of these brick homes, and then we sent some people over to help build some of them. So cool.

And now we're in the process of raising another $60,000 to build SIXTY homes in Burundi! We had a team of 3 over there for the last little while, and 2 of them are on their way back home to North Idaho as we speak.

We have raised $29,183.82 so far, and we were aiming to raise it all before Christmas :(. But it's cool - we're not stopping until we're done. You can read about this specific project of The HOPE Project here. You can read about Prosper's organization that we're partnering with here. You can read about The HOPE Project more generally here. And Thryve CdA's (often outdated) website is here (Thryve Seattle, our parent community can be found online here). I don't really like either Thryve website, personally. But I like the work that's going on in Burundi.

If you want to partner with us for the sake of the gospel, lived and preached, consider giving some money to our Home for the Holidays project.


Want to see some pictures taken by our team over there recently? I just got these in an email (you may be able to spot Bob - pretty much the only white guy and if you can tell, he went a day without sunscreen - not recommended whilst working out in the sun ON THE EQUATOR! Haha!):


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