Monday, August 11, 2008

2008 Coeur d'Alene Triathlon Results

So I am finally past the '08 CDA Tri. I had a lot of fun and managed a couple of PR's as well. Here are my times:

Overall place out of all individual competitors: 192/669
Overall time: 2:43:12
Swim: 0:25:45
Transition 1: 2:28
Bike: 1:18:32
Transition 2: 1:10
Run: 0:55:16

Here are the times I was trying to beat:

Overall place out of all individual competitors: 458/617
Overall time: 3:06:01
Swim: 0:27:25
Transition 1: 2:31
Bike: 1:34:36
Transition 2: 5:14
Run: 0:56:15

Additionally, I was trying to get my time under 2:45. So I met each of my goals. My swim, T1, and run were hardly improved over last year's however, so I know where I need to spend more time in training. It looks like most of my time came off of my bike.

I was late getting into the water because right when the whistle blew, my google strap came completely off! My bike chain also came off twice - once it was really bad, and I was on an incline, so I had to wrestle with it to get it back on, sprint to the top of the hill, then mount up and get back on track. But those types of challenges are part of a triathlon.

It was a lot of fun; thanks to my friends and family for participating in the weekend, and HUGE props to Daniel for setting his sights on this a year ago, going after it, and tackling it. His times were all better than my first times, his swim was vastly improved from when I saw him swim six months ago and even significantly over what I saw him do a month ago (only ten minutes behind me - and I have a lifetime of swimming behind me). He completely pwned the bike and run, gaining on me even during the final stretches of the race.

Thanks for doing this with me, Dan. I love you and look forward to a little "active recovery" with you this week.

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