Monday, July 7, 2008

During Normal Business Hours

[Suspiciously realistic sounds of futuristic battle come through the floorboards of my kitchen.]
[Two messy-headed boys in clothes and socks clumsily ascend from my basement, semi-exhausted and smiling reservedly.]
Jon [seeing humor in the situation; commenting in a way so as to officially dissociate himself from what he had just previously been engaged in]: Daniel has taken up editing Halo 3 maps and inserting all kinds of wacky weapons into them.
Daniel [contentiously]: Oh please - you enjoy playing Halo too!
Jon: Daniel, if you weren't here I wouldn't be playing any Halo at all in Idaho.
Daniel [miffed, turns, transforms his countenance and, addressing me seriously and softly]: Can I borrow some mayonnaise?
[laughter erupts]


  1. PS Ever since I read this, I can't stop smiling. The picture of it is vivid in my mind and it makes me smile.

  2. I can literally see, in person practically, this entire scene unfold. LOVE


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