Thursday, May 8, 2008

Irony: A Case Study

David and I drove out to Post Falls today to work at a coffee shop called Thomas Hammer.

The barista had a Che Guevara t-shirt on.


If the Cross was to natives in South America in the 14th century, if the Swastika was to our grandparents, if the Hammer and Sickle was to our parents, if the Crescent is to many within our generation, then yes, Che Guevara's visage is offensive to Americans.

Funny thing is, this Capitalistic mania over Che would cause that Marxist tool to roll over in his grave.


  1. A Che Guevera t-shirt is an offense to every human being because he sent hundreds of people to their deaths. That guy is a bitchevich and whoever wears a Che shirt doesn't know who Che Guevera freaking is. It pisses me off so much. Seriously, WTF.


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